The Atomic Submarine (1959)

atomic submarineThe Atomic Submarine (1959)

Directed by: Spencer G. Bennet

Starring: Arthur FranzDick ForanBrett Halsey


The 50’s were a golden age of cheap shitty sci-fi horror movies, and I love each and every one of them. Even if, yes, they are all basically made of the same six interchangeable parts. B-movies were on an assembly line and the brave writers for them only needed one new science concept and three things about it to make an entire hour and a half of really ridiculous, boring military action. God bless America.

A bunch of boats and planes and trains and what have you have been going missing in the Arctic Circle, so the government sends the titular atomic submarine to figure out what’s going on. Anybody have a guess? Well then I’ll just tell you, it’s aliens! A flying saucer has been zapping ships in the north pole, so these guys on a submarine have to blow it up with missiles.

It’s like The Hunt for Red October, only there’s no tension and there’s a recycled Ray Harryhausen UFO. Ugh, I love these awful movies.


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