Teenage Twins (1976)

teenage twinsTeenage Twins (1976)

Directed by: Carter Stevens

Starring: Brooke YoungTaylor YoungLeo Lovemore


I’ve never really gotten the whole appeal that porn tries to portray with twins. It’s like… it’s two of the same person! Wouldn’t that be super hot and not at all actually really weird and creepy? No seriously come back here it was hard to get two porn stars that looked the same ha ha jk. All of that was in the voice of the porn industry.

So there’s two twin teenage girls, and they can sexily feel all the sexy things that the other feels. So basically when you have sex with one, they both feel it. This is limited only to sex, and only in some circumstances, but I’m sure it’s much too complex for me to be able to figure out here.

Yeah, they have a lot of sex, but what really sticks out in this movie is the sisters’ INCREDIBLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP with each other. Holy shit, you can’t manufacture the kind of real hatred between the two main characters. One will yell at the other about being a worthless lump of flesh, and the very next thing is they’re kissing each other’s boobs. Porn is fucking weird, man.


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