Men in Black II (2002)

men in black iiMen in Black II (2002)

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld

Starring: Tommy Lee JonesWill SmithRip Torn


Remember when the first Men in Black was pretty good, and then they released THIS bloated monstrosity and everybody just quietly forgot about the franchise for a decade? Oh good, because I also remember that, this is something we now have in common. We are now friends.

So… there’s a monster alien in a supermodel’s body that’s trying to kill a… is it kill? She wants to do something bad, I remember that much. And so they have to bring Tommy Lee Jones back since he left at the beginning of the first one, precluding a sequel with him in it… Anyway, the talking dog is a main character and Johnny Knoxville is the comic relief two-headed bad guy. It’s fucking terrible.

I don’t… can we just stop talking about this now? I want this to go away.


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