Murder Once Removed (1971)

murder once removedMurder Once Removed (1971)

Directed by: Charles S. Dubin

Starring: John ForsytheRichard KileyReta Shaw


Wow, John Forsythe looks pretty smug on that DVD cover. He really does look like the kind of guy who goes around murdering people and getting away with it. At least, he is if movies have taught me anything! This movie, specifically, since that’s what he does and that’s what he’s supposed to look like. Well anyway.

Forsythe plays a doctor who’s new to town and his practice is doing pretty good, until one of his patients reveals that he’s looked the doctor up and it kinda seems like he moved because he killed someone on purpose in his last town. Of course the doctor says this is preposterous, and goes on to say that right until he kills the guy with a fireplace poker. He blames it on a druggie teen he’d been treating and seems to get away with it… until he goes and tells the dead guy’s wife that they should hook up now because he killed her husband. She freaks out a little and her and a cop get together to find out if the doctor is really the killer. I won’t tell you what happens at the end, but boy howdy is it twist after exciting twist!

It’s a complicated enough murder mystery, though it’s not quite to the point where it’s an Agatha Christie story or anything. It wasn’t bad, though.


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