Steamboy (2004)

steamboySteamboy (2004)

Directed by: Katsuhiro Ohtomo

Starring: Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina


So for some reason IMDb didn’t have the original Japanese cast listed, only the English dub, so that’s what I wrote down. I did watch the original version with English subtitles, not because I’m one of those guys, but because it’s completely impossible to find a dubbed version of an anime movie if you’re pirating it because the guys who care enough to upload these things are the ones who think that a dub is a violent attack on the original intent of a film. While I get where they’re coming from, and there definitely IS something to be said about the original acting conveying the original intent of the director, if you can’t understand the language in the first place, it’s lost on you anyway, so you might as well see a dub in a language you understand so you can get the emotional feel from THOSE performances. Anyway, that’s my subs vs dubs opinion, which I’m sure you care about.

Steamboy is about a boy in a steampunk futurepast who has to stop his dad from creating a giant horrible machine that will kill everybody or something like that. There’s a spoiled rich girl that acts as the romantic interest, some cute animal sidekicks, and a crazy old man. All the generic roles are filled by equally generic characters in a story that is really nothing to write home about. I can’t even extend the plot synopsis into two sentences here.

This movie’s got the same director as Akira, and it shows in the character design. Pretty much everybody looks the same, except for the evil dad with a big robot eye. Of course, that’s not really why anybody would watch this movie, the reason to see it is the steampunky designs and the backgrounds, which are lavish and complex. If that’s enough for you in a movie, then you’ll be in hog heaven with Steamboy. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance behind the pretty backdrop, there isn’t much of it here.


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