Rubin and Ed (1991)

rubin and edRubin and Ed (1991)

Directed by: Trent Harris

Starring: Crispin Glover, Howard Hesseman, Karen Black


Continuing my “crazy recluse” challenge, here’s a weird little indie comedy from the 90’s starring Crispin Glover as the kind of character he plays best: someone who is completely and totally insane. I think it’s a crime that he’s best remembered for Back to the Future, Glover is actually a pretty great actor when it comes to neurotics, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish.

Ed is a middle-aged man who’s trying to piece his life back together by working for a pyramid scheme, and Rubin is a shut-in who’s told by his mom that he won’t get any dinner unless he goes out and makes a friend. Somehow this ends up bringing these two characters together in a search for just the right spot in the desert to bury Rubin’s dead frozen cat. Of course they don’t like each other and they even actively hate each other… but at the same time, they really are a good couple of friends at the end.

It’s a cute buddy comedy, and the two main characters are really well fleshed out to the point where you totally get both why they hate each other and why they would make good friends for each other. There’s some weird shit involving spirit quests or something, and the idea that they have to bury this dead cat before it defrosts is pretty ridiculous, but overall it’s pretty standard comedy fare. I can see how this one flew under the radar, but if you run across it somewhere, it’s worth a watch.


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