Butter (2011)

butterButter (2011)

Directed by: Jim Field Smith

Starring: Jennifer Garner, Yara Shahidi, Ty Burrell


I’m not exactly sure what gives someone the idea to do a comedy about butter carving, except maybe that they saw something about it in the newspaper and thought, “well, that probably hasn’t been done yet.” You can tell that Jennifer Garner must’ve been excited that she got cast in a movie where she didn’t even have to wear a bikini and kick people since her acting ends up just this side of chewing the scenery.

The reigning butter carving champion is forced into retirement, so his wife decides to take up the mantle. Her competition comes in the form of a stripper who thinks she’s owed rent by the guy (Olivia Wilde) and a cute little black orphan girl. Her marriage starts falling apart and she’s clearly outclassed by the little girl, so she fucks Hugh Jackman so he can lie about the little girl cheating (even though it was all done live in front of spectators?) to get a rematch… where she loses again. Oh sorry, I just spoiled the obvious ending. It’s basically a sports movie with a comical suburbian background.

The humor falls a little short, but only because it’s something that’s been done to death. It’s kinda like Edward Scissorhands with butter. They also get pretty schmaltzy with the little girl which is really not necessary. Olivia Wilde is surprisingly good, and even more surprising is that Rob Corddry is actually pretty funny as the little girl’s adoptive dad. This just blew me away, as every other role I’ve ever seen him in has been obnoxious and awful and not funny in the least. All-in-all, it’s not that bad, but it’s definitely nothing you should feel compelled to seek out either.


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