Drinking Buddies (2013)

drinking buddiesDrinking Buddies (2013)

Directed by: Joe Swanberg

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick


Unfortunately, this is not a sequel to the Air Bud franchise featuring cute puppies getting drunk, as I thought when I saw the title. No, it’s a dull romantic drama about two couples who fall in love with each other which was apparently retroscripted, which means that instead of an actual script being written and then performed by actors, just the general gist of each scene was given to them and they were told to act it out as if it were a real life situation. Usually only comedies are retroscripted, as it promotes more spontaneous comedy and allows comedians to show their stuff. In this case, it shows that dramatic actors are actually normal people, and without a script they are as boring as any random boring person you probably know. Cool. Great.

Olivia Wilde works at a brewery and is in a lackiluster relationship with Jake Johnson. However, her best friend at the brewery is someone she’s really attracted to, but he’s also dating someone. To make a long pointless story short, they break up with their respective romantic interests (who then pair up themselves) and date each other for a very short while until it turns out it doesn’t work and then they go back to being friends.

It’s a very realistic story. So realistic, in fact, that it has no business whatsoever being a movie. When you make a drama film, you should really try to make it… you know, dramatic. If I wanted to watch boring normal people leading their boring normal lives, I’d just go hang out with real people. And CLEARLY I don’t do any of that! I mean, I’m writing microreviews of movies nobody cares about, the last thing on my mind is REAL people. Pfft. Reality.


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