Hot Lunch (1978)

hot lunchHot Lunch (1978)

Directed by: John Hayes

Starring: Jon Martin, Christine De Shaffer, Brigit Olsen


I’ll be completely honest with you about this: I don’t remember anything about this 70’s porn movie at all. I waited too long to write my review and completely forgot about it, but I don’t want to ever encourage myself to watch it again, so here’s my review.

I’m sure it was just like any other 70’s porn movie, only with some sort of diner theme. Though, as I think about it, I seem to recall the diner just being a setting as opposed to an actual theme for the movie. So I guess if you’re that guy who has the huge crush on your waitress as the truck stop, this is probably not as good of a product as you might hope for.

There, I feel legitimate now. I’m not, but.

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