The Hunger Games (2012)

hunger gamesThe Hunger Games (2012)

Directed by: Gary Ross

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth


I dunno, maybe I’m just grumpy from all the other bad movies I’ve seen recently, but I just didn’t really get into The Hunger Games. Sure, it created a world where people wear different clothes than we do now and where the government is OBVIOUSLY evil instead of just OBVIOUSLY evil like it is in real life. I… forgot where I was going with this, but let’s just say that the idea of a movie about teenagers slaying each other is much less fun than that really should be.

It’s the not-too-distant future, I guess, and every year they have a thing where kids from every state have to compete in a death match. It’s a lot like Death Race 2000, only they spend more time talking about dresses and less time with David Carradine in a gimp mask in the middle of an orgy. One girl is good with a bow and is the obvious hero/winner of the thing, and her name is Harriet Potter, I think.

Despite what the source books may or may not have said, these films are clearly made to fill the hole left by the bygone Harry Potter series. I’m all for pre-teen fantasy films, but when you make them look and feel EXACTLY THE SAME ALL THE TIME it kinda robs the individual properties of their individuality, does it not? And is that not also a point made in this film?! Was it? I really wasn’t paying that much attention, but that sounds like the kind of thing they might have said. Oh well, I’m looking forward to the next five years of Hunger Games movies, and I hope that by the end, they’ll all find a buffet restaurant they can finally eat at. Namaste.

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