Magicians (2007)

magiciansMagicians (2007)

Directed by: Andrew O’Connor

Starring: Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Sarah Hadland


Mitchell & Webb are an up-and-coming British comedy duo that seem like they’re right on the edge of being really great. As it is, they’ve had a couple movies, a radio show, and some TV shows (which are basically the exact same thing as the radio show). They have a really straightforward style of humor most of the time, but occasionally you’ll get little hints of some real madness that borders on being genius. They’ve been at it for a while now, maybe they just need their other half of Monty Python to really get something brilliant going.

A pair of stage magicians had a falling out after the one cheated with the other’s wife, who was also their assistant, and also the husband accidentally cut her in half for real. The other guy goes off to be a Criss Angel MINDFREAK type of magician, while the other has just quit show business. However, circumstances happen that force them both back into some weird magician tournament or other that they have to compete against each other in and get over their issues and etc etc.

It’s reasonably funny, but there’s really nothing to write home about here. Like, I remember laughing, but I don’t remember any specific jokes or bits. I don’t know if it’s just that it’s such a predictable and simple plot going through it, because a good comedy can totally get away with incredible simplicity and predictability, but it just wasn’t all that remarkable. Their show, That Mitchell & Web Look, is pretty good, though.


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