Stag Night (2008)

stag nightStag Night (2008)

Directed by: Peter A. Dowling

Starring: Kip Pardue, Vinessa Shaw, Breckin Meyer


So… why do people keep giving Breckin Meyer acting jobs? He’s not an actor, you guys know that, right? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that he was just some plumber or something who accidentally stumbled onto the Garfield set and they kept him because they forgot there was supposed to be a human in the movie. I’m like, 99% sure he’s not an actor by profession. Certainly not by talent.

A group of guys take the subway home after a bachelor party, where they proceed to hit on two girls and get maced. All of them, including the girls, get out of the subway and accidentally find themselves stranded in an abandoned station. Oh, and also the station is full of hairy speechless guys with swords that attack them and watch cartoons with mannequins. They proceed to get killed off one by one and etc etc, et al.

The only thing that separates Stag Night from the billions of other identical slasher films is the strange decision to make the CHUDs use big ol swords as their weapon of choice. Are there just a bunch of swords laying around the New York subway system? I’ve never been there, so I guess it probably is and I’m just some dumb country boy who don’t know nothin’ about nobody. Dang city folks and their underground sword bums.


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