The Impossible Kid (1982)

impossible kidThe Impossible Kid (1982)

Directed by: Eddie Nicart

Starring: Weng Weng, Romy Diaz, Nina Sara


God damn is this movie something else. It’s an experience, man. It’s a Filipino spy movie in the vein of James Bond starring Weng Weng, the shortest lead actor in film history at 2’9″. This is the sequel to a similar film called For Your Height Only, so you can see how tasteful they were being about it. Even weirder, the version I saw was dubbed, and they had a guy with the most middle-of-the-road normal voice possible dubbing for Weng Weng. I can barely wrap my head around this movie.

Interpol’s Agent 00 is assigned to find the identity of the mysterious Mr. X, who is holding the Philippines for ransom. Yeah, the whole thing. The government pays the ransom once 00 fails, but failing isn’t enough to stop powerful Weng Weng! He keeps looking into the case and discovers that Mr. X is actually one of the guys in the government who was especially in favor of paying the ransom. So… the most obvious guy to be the bad guy. Not even Scooby-Doo is that lazy.

This movie is clearly a parody, or at the very least heavily tongue-in-cheek. Weng Weng goes around knocking guys out two times his size with jumping punches to the chest on a regular basis, and it’s just amazing. Everyone plays it completely straight, too, once they address that the guy is short it’s never a big deal after that. I recommend it as a party movie where everybody is really drunk and happy.


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