The Sex Lives of Ghosts (2004)

sex lives of ghostsThe Sex Lives of Ghosts (2004)

Directed by: Maxamillion Eckes

Starring: Natasja Vermeer, Matt Wilde, Beverly Lynne


Once again, I’ve been lured into watching a boring softcore porn movie based on a much more interesting title. Come on, THE SEX LIVES OF GHOSTS?! This should be a documentary they show on the History channel, man. I don’t want to see a bunch of naked women writhing around in bed pretending to be having sexy dreams supposedly caused by ghosts, I want– okay well I do want to see that, but mostly I want to see a sociological explanation of how one’s sex drive changes after death. You know, now that I write it out, maybe I don’t want to see that. Well, at least I wasted your time reading that, that makes it all worthwhile.

Two couples go to visit their friend Emmanuelle, who lives in a haunted mansion. Luckily for them, these are the kinds of ghosts that just make you think you’re living in the past and having sex instead of the kinds that behead people and summon swarms of bees and stuff like that. Basically they have a really great party over the next couple of days, having sex with each other and the ghosts, until they decide to do a seance so they can… have sex with the ghosts. Some more. Then they leave and it’s no big deal, I guess.

Apparently this is just one of a huge series of softcorn porn movies involving “Emmanuelle” and various weird additions to the genre, like ghosts or vampires or aliens or whatever. I guess you gotta do something different to make your boob delivery vehicle stand out from the countless millions of others. Hey, it worked on me.


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