The Flintbones (1992)

flintbonesThe Flintbones (1992)

Directed by: Mad Dad Dan

Starring: Britt Morgan, Ron Jeremy, Sharon Kane


Remember when porn parodies changed all the characters names to be something similar but sex-related? Why the hell did they stop doing that? Just because it’s “lame” as “fuck”?? NOT A GOOD ANSWER GUYS.

Red Flintbone (Ron Jeremy) is too busy bowling to sleep with his wife Willing, until he’s hit on the head with a bowling ball and becomes a sex fiend. He’s nearly fired from his job for trying to bang the secretary, but the Great Wazoo (who is a scantily-clad woman in this version, thankfully) has sex with Mr. Straight, Red’s boss, to sort things out. They go home and have an orgy or something, I don’t remember. Oh, and there’s a scene between “Puddles” and “Gangbang” (Pebbles and Bam-Bam), where they’re both adults but still talk in baby talk and act as though they had the mental development of infants. It’s fucking horrifying.

As far as action goes, Ron Jeremy does an admirable job with his Fred Flintstone impression, so long as you keep in mind that Ron Jeremy never actually does any acting, so all his characters are just Ron Jeremy. In this case, I feel that it was just very good casting, as the two really do have quite a lot in common. Not sure which of them deals more with bones, though! KA-ZINGO!! WOWSERS!!! HEY-OHHHH!!!


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