Cadaverella (2007)

cadaverellaCadaverella (2007)

Directed by: Timothy Friend

Starring: Megan Goddard, Ryan Seymour, Kieran Hunter


Cadaverella is clearly a student film. Okay, that’s fine, so it doesn’t have very good production values and the lighting is really poorly done and the actors aren’t so much “actors” as family and friends of the filmmakers. That’s fine. Instead, I’ll just focus on the plot and the… writing. Uh oh.

Cinder is the daughter of a rich guy who dies immediately after marrying a stripper, who of course doesn’t like her. She has to wait until she turns 21 to receive her trust fund, though, so she spends the time hating her step-mother. Also, she has a relationship with a guy in a wheelchair, but what she really wants to do is have sex with the gardener. She finds a totem to the voodoo god Baron Samedi (stay with me here) and uses his powers to get this wish. Unfortunately the gardener is also insane, and he kills her after getting her drunk and having sex with her. Samedi brings her back to life so she can “get revenge” and kill her step-mother and the guy who killed her and just generally smash a bunch of people’s heads in.

The similarities to Cinderella are few and stop pretty much right after the exposition, not that it matters a whole lot. Mostly it’s a juvenile teen goth fantasy story about getting petty revenge via dark powers… of which there are millions. Not even the cheap set design and obvious multiple casting of people as main characters make this movie stand out on the “so bad it’s good” side of things, either. It’s just a bad movie. A bad, boring movie.

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