On the Road (2012)

on the roadOn the Road (2012)

Directed by: Walter Salles

Starring: Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart


I waited too long between seeing this movie and reviewing it, so I’ve forgotten just about everything about it. You know, the standard warning before every single one of these damn things. Pretty much all I remember is that it was a thin excuse for a bunch of nudity. Kinda like a cheap horror movie, but under a layer of fake dignity due to having a famous source material.

This is basically the story of a writer’s experiences with a wild guy named Dean Moriarty. There are three separate occasions that are detailed, all of which basically involve being incredibly poor and partying. It’s pretty simple stuff that everyone can relate to. One thing there isn’t a lot of, however, is actually travelling “on the road”.

I’m in the middle of reading this book right now, so I don’t have the whole thing to compare it against, but the film definitely is lacking in the stuff I’m finding interesting about the book, which is the actual travelling across country. I was kinda under the impression that’s what the book was about, what with the title and all. But I guess if they wanted to make a movie about a guy who has sex all the time and gets drunk and does drugs and that’s the extent of their vision, that’s fine too. It’s just not the movie I want to see.


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