Dirty Dancing (1987)

dirty dancingDirty Dancing (1987)

Directed by: Emile Ardolino

Starring: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach


Before you ask, YES I watched this movie because my girlfriend wanted to watch it with me. She likes watching terrible movies, and Dirty Dancing definitely fits that bill. Or maybe I’m just jealous of Patrick Swayze’s inability to wear a shirt? I was blinded by his dancer’s pecs.

Jennifer Grey is the youngest daughter in a well-off family who go to a camp that teaches people how to dance for a vacation. There she gets caught up in the wild world of dancing and falls in love with the bad boy with an attitude that is Patrick Swayze, who… teaches her to dance. There’s a lot of dancing. Pretty much it’s all dancing, I guess.

I really hate highly choreographed dancing. It just looks so fake and weird and mechanical, and it makes me think of how many days of that person’s life they had to spend doing those moves over and over again to get to the point where they look like uncomfortable aliens. However, if I’ve got one nice thing to say about this movie, it’s that Jerry Orbach is actually pretty good as the father. He really does stand out as the only person who has any idea how to act in the whole mess.


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