The Yellow Wallpaper (2012)

yellow wallpaperThe Yellow Wallpaper (2012)

Directed by: Logan Thomas

Starring: Aric Cushing, Juliet Landau, Dale Dickey


So there’s a short story called The Yellow Wallpaper which I was lead to believe this movie was based on, but instead this is like a shitty made-up story about the woman WRITING that short story. And that’s too bad, because the original story is interesting and emotional and depicts a woman slowing going insane, while this is just some dumb shit about vampires.

A couple and the wife’s sister move into a haunted house and do nothing for like… an hour. Eventually weird stuff starts happening in the house and they find some coffins outside, and yep, there’s a vampire living in the walls and it bites the girl and the guy promises to bring her food and then it’s modern times and why did they make this awful thing.

Yeah, this movie is terrible. If you’ve read the short story (which I recommend, as it’s actually pretty good), don’t expect there to be any similarities whatsoever. Actually, just don’t watch this movie whether you’ve read that story or not. It’s really, really bad.


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