Silent Night (2012)

silent nightSilent Night (2012)

Directed by: Steven C. Miller

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Donal Logue


Oh boy, yet another mindless slasher movie, combined with yet another Christmas-themed horror flick. How incredibly creative and unique.

A guy dressed like Santa goes around wordlessly murdering people on Christmas Eve because he deems them to be naughty or something, whatever.

Slasher movies are generally judged on one thing: The creativity and gruesomeness of the kills. By that standard, this movie barely even registers on the scale, with the most interesting kill being shoving a woman into a wood chipper (and people say guys who make horror movies have problems with women for some reason), which is honestly nothing new. Nothing about this movie is new, and they knew it. And yet, they still went through all the motions of making a real movie. They even hired Malcolm McDowell to say words in his voice for a bunch of the film. To call this film ‘missable’ is giving it one word of description more than it deserves.


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