Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (2009)

beetle queen conquers tokyoBeetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (2009)

Directed by: Jessica Oreck


I’ll ¬†be honest, I watched this movie because I thought it would be some sort of Godzilla-esque monster movie, based on the title. I’m pretty sure that was the whole idea, and it worked beautifully. Once I realized that it was actually a documentary about Japan’s fascination with insects and beetles in particular, my hopes got raised again! That actually sounds kinda interesting!

So it turns out that the Japanese are just ga-ga over beetles and they’re one of the most popular pets over there. That’s… about as much information as I got out of it.

I don’t know how much you can blame cultural differences for how confusingly this documentary was put together, since I think some American lady was behind the whole thing, but it was definitely hard to follow. It felt like the film had ADD, constantly jumping from one subject to another with no rhyme or reason, leaving none of the talking points all that well developed. So basically I got disappointed twice. I guess it was cool to learn that they keep bugs like pets over in Japan the way we keep fish. Differences in cultures are pretty neato.

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