Why Stop Now (2012)

why stop nowWhy Stop Now (2012)

Directed by: Phil Dorling, Ron Nyswaner

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan


I’m not sure if this movie was supposed to be a wacky comedy or one of those serious dramas where everybody yells all the time, but since it wasn’t funny in the slightest I’m going to say that it was a drama that was very, very bad at setting its tone.

An asshole pianist  tries to drop his druggie mother off at rehab, but they won’t take her because she’s not high! He has to go pick up her drug dealers and serve as spanish interpreter for them so they can buy drugs from their connection so HE can buy drugs for his mom so SHE can get high and go to rehab, all before his piano recital that could get him a scholarship at a good school in Boston!

Wow do I hate the main character of this movie. The fact that he’s good at playing the piano is supposed to make me forgive how much of an impatient prick he is… for some reason. He’s just an asshole to everyone all the time and he’s constantly complaining and whining about how other people’s problems are getting in his way, and that’s supposed to be “eccentric” and wacky instead of just fucking awful.


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