The Liquidator (2011)

liquidatorThe Liquidator (2011)

Directed by: Akan Satayev

Starring: Aitzhanov Berik, Vinnie Jones, Aziz Beyshenaliev


Of all the movies I’m reviewing today, this was the best one… and of course it turns out it wasn’t actually made in 2012. Oh well, this Kazakhstanian action movie was so unremarkable it wouldn’t have made any sort of end of the year list I would’ve made anyway.

A guy’s brother is killed when he tries to blackmail the mob, so he goes around shooting everyone involved for revenge. The bad guys bring in Vinnie Jones to kidnap the guy’s girlfriend, but he doesn’t say anything (probably because he doesn’t speak Russian) and is a pretty non-threatening silent killer guy.

A rogue vigilante takes the law into his own hands and kills a bunch of bad guys while the cops chase him, huh? That’s a new and unique premise for a film! Why, I don’t think I’ve ever even IMAGINED such a wild idea in my craziest fever dreams! THE BRAND NEW IDEAS BEING EXPLORED IN THIS FILM MAKE ME SO EXCITED I’M GONNA SCREAM AND SCREAM AND NEVER EVER STOP!!!


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