Deadtime (2012)

deadtimeDeadtime (2012)

Directed by: Tony Jopia

Starring: Laurence Saunders, Carl Coleman, Elisabeth Shahlavi


Who is the guy who makes all these pretty good DVD covers for all these shitty movies? I mean, it’s clearly the most important part of a film, if you saw this on a shelf, you might actually think there was anything worthwhile to this movie and pick it up. I hope that graphic designer made more from this gig than any of these “actors”.

A failed band comes back to a dive to record a music video in hopes of leveraging that into convincing the record company to let them do a second album. Unfortunately, a crazy guy with a bag over his head starts killing people with a big plastic Sinbad scimitar and everybody is so afraid that they forget there’s no good reason for them to not just leave the building and easily escape the maniac killer.

It’s a cheap slasher movie, and it’s got all the elements of the genre you’d expect: Blood, guts, boobs, terrible acting, characters with no development, choices that make no sense, a pervading feeling of sullen depression, bad music, a guy being killed with an electric guitar, etc etc.


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