Alex Cross (2012)

Layout 1Alex Cross (2012)

Directed by: Rob Cohen

Starring: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols


Wait, they allowed Tyler Perry to be in a movie where he doesn’t dress up like a fat old lady? Not that I’ve ever seen any of his movies, but I just assumed he was the budget Eddie Murphy. Actually, that kinda makes sense if this is a shitty version of Beverly Hills Cop that doesn’t even try to be funny. Interesting career trajectory, Perry.

An amazing detective with no flaws stops a crazy assassin from completing his job and forces him to shoot his wife. Out for crazy revenge, the cop hunts down the assassin and kills him, then kills everyone associated with him and sets up his boss with false drug smuggling charges. Hooray, I guess!

If handled correctly, this could’ve been a story about a man’s fall from grace, but instead it’s this weird Gary Sue fantasy thing about the world’s best cop and how it’s okay for him to take the law into his own hands and nothing bad ever happens to him except at the hands of the mentally deranged because, really, who would want to hurt him?! He’s so great!


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