Iron Sky (2012)

iron skyIron Sky (2012)

Directed by: Timo Vuorensola

Starring: Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto


Well, this movie sure was… interesting. I don’t generally watch new movies, but another couple like this which break from the standard mold so much and I might even be happy that I’m watching nothing but 2012 movies for the next week.

Iron Sky is about a colony of Nazis on the dark side of the moon that has been waiting for a chance to strike back and take over Earth again. Two of them manage to get in close with the president of the United States (an incredibly thinly veiled pastiche of Sarah Palin) via her fashion designer/trusted aide/general. One becomes the new moon fuhrer and the other realizes how bad Nazis actually are when she sees Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and has to use the black astronaut they had turned white to help her take down the Nazi space zeppelins before they destroy the Earth with asteroids.

Yeah, it’s kinda weird. Moon Nazis. You don’t see that actually tried every day, just because the idea is generally thrown around as being a lazy and laughable premise. Iron Sky is definitely aware of the goofiness of its story, while at the same time actually doing a decent job at making it serious enough that it works from a traditional perspective. The most notable thing about the movie is the art design, which is top notch. Lots of cool old brass steam powered moon Nazi space stuff that really brings that part of the film to life. The worst part by far is Peta Sergeant as the fashion designer, who devours the scenery and screeches like a harpy with every opportunity. She was so bad she actually made it unpleasant to watch the scenes she was in, which was quite a bit. There was also the clumsy political stuff with portraying the Sarah Palin-esque president as completely incompetent which just didn’t really seem necessary or that it added anything except for some low-hanging fruit jokes. Overall, it was weird. Weird… but it was definitely different and interesting.


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