Deviation (2012)

deviationDeviation (2012)

Directed by: J.K. Amalou

Starring: Danny Dyer, Anna Walton, James Doherty


Having my criteria for movies be “made this year” instead of “has a funny name” or “I’ve heard of it” means I watch a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t. Artistically, this is good, because it expands my frame of reference and exposes me to new things. As far as entertainment goes, it means I get fucking bored. At least movies with funny names are usually really stupid.

Deviation is a low-key dramatic thriller about a crazy guy who kidnaps a woman on her way home to her family. He keeps killing other people, she keeps trying to escape and failing, and there’s tension because you don’t want the nice lady to be murdered by the psychopath.

Dyer did a pretty good job as the crazy guy, where he was subtle enough about most of the crazy person cues that it felt less cartoonish than these types of characters are usually portrayed. Otherwise, there just wasn’t much that was remarkable about the film.



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