City Lights (1931)

city lightsCity Lights (1931)

Directed by: Charlie Chaplin

Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee


I’ve seen a few Charlie Chaplin movies now, and they’re never unwelcome (even though I am trying to watch a bunch of 2012 movies so I can appear more up-to-date before the year’s over). This one is a nice combination of cute and funny, it’s just a feel-good kind of thing. Wait, I normally hate feeling good, what is going on…

The Tramp falls in love with a blind flower salesgirl, and wants to help pay her rent and for an anti-blindness surgery that they apparently had back in the 30’s. He becomes friends with a rich guy who loves him when he’s drunk and doesn’t recognize him when he’s sober, which ends up being trouble for the tramp after he’s loaned a thousand dollars and then appears to have stolen it. He goes to prison for the crime, but not before giving the money to the girl so she can start her life anew.

Like I said, it’s cute. Chaplin’s physical comedy is in top form, as always, and I really like the drunk millionaire character. The idea of a blind girl falling for the tramp is interesting, since it’s not like he talks or anything. She manages to miss all of his charm, but he’s a good enough guy that it’s enough, I guess. Plus he gives her a ride in a Rolls Royce, what girl wouldn’t love that?

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