The Girl From the Naked Eye (2012)

girl from the naked eyeThe Girl From the Naked Eye (2012)

Directed by: David Ren

Starring: Jason Yee, Samantha Streets, Ron Yuan


Seeing as how the year’s almost up, I’m trying to see as many movies made in this year as I can before it’s over. Which means sometimes I’ll see things like this, a faux film noir action movie that put porn star Sasha Grey on the DVD cover even though she’s in one scene of the film and doesn’t have any lines. This is why I never watch new movies.

A stripper/prostitute is murdered, and the guy that used to drive her around and who fell in love with her tries to figure out which of the multitude of sleazy people involved are responsible.

There’s pointless narration, kung fu fight scenes, and all the one-dimensional dialogue you could lift from Grand Theft Auto. Someone wanted to make a movie about being a badass so bad that they didn’t stop to think about what actually made the characters they ripped off badass and just copied the superficial aspects. Not that this is surprising, this is the bread-and-butter of the direct-to-video action movie market. Shoot some guys, shake some titties, you’ve got yourself a movie.


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