Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody (2012)

men in black a hardcore parodyMen in Black: A Hardcore Parody (2012)

Directed by: Brad Armstrong

Starring: Randy Spears, Ethan Hunt, Misty Stone


I’ve seen a lot of porn parodies this past year, and some of them can get kinda weird. For some reason I didn’t expect the¬†Men in Black parody to be one of these, but in hindsight, I really should have. This was… really weird, actually. Maybe the weirdest one I’ve seen.

An alien race called the Vaginans have come to Earth to mate with our men, and the Men in Black are there to stop them! For some reason, they start abducting women, so they put Agent J into a machine that turns him into a woman so they can use him as bait. They follow him to the Vaginan spaceship and have a big ol’ orgy with everyone and I guess the day is saved.

Yeah, they kinda lose the premise halfway through, but overall they do a good job of sticking to the feel of MIB. Unfortunately, this means that there’s a sex scene between two butterfly girls with compound eyes and the melty cockroach bad guy from the first movie, and that was pretty horrible. Wow, I wish I could not have seen that.


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