The Point (1971)

pointThe Point (1971)

Directed by: Fred Wolf

Starring: Ringo Starr, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Frees


This was a cute little weird 70’s fairy tale movie with a simple moral to it. My friend has been recommending this movie to me for a while because the music is all done by Harry Nilsson, who is… actually, I have no idea who he is. I just nod and smile and watch weird cartoon movies eventually. That’s my M.O.

In a town where everyone has a point (literally, on the top of their head), one boy named Oblio is born without one. Even though everybody likes him and he wears a pointed hat, it is APE LAW that he must be exiled to the Pointless Forest. In the forest, Oblio and his dog meet a bunch of weird crazy things that don’t have physical points, and yet they still have metaphorical ones. Oblio returns home to teach everyone that things can have a point without having a point.

I liked the animation in this, it reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth. The songs I could take or leave, it’s very 60’s folk rock kinda stuff, and the voice acting is very mediocre. Apparently there are several versions of this with different narrators, but I got the one with Ringo. How weird that his movie career never really took off…


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