The Holy Mountain (1973)

holy mountainThe Holy Mountain (1973)

Directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Starring: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders


You know when a comedy show will make fun of artsy, experimental films and they’ll just have strings of nonsense imagery presented extremely seriously? Well, The Holy Mountain is what they’re making fun of, or at least it fits the trope as closely as anything I’ve ever seen. If you know somebody who really likes this movie, they’re either insane or trying way too hard to look insane in order to be cool.

A guy who looks like Jesus meets an alchemist, who tells him that he is shit but that he could convert himself to gold if he gives up his material possessions and climbs up a mountain with a dozen other one-dimensional broad stereotypical characters. They do so, and halfway up the mountain the director (who plays the alchemist) stops the film and tells everyone to go home, back to reality.

Other stuff happens in this movie, but if I went around describing all the dumb shit in it we’d be here all day. It’s a very visually provocative film packed with stimulating imagery, and if you really want to reach for it, you can find metaphorical meanings in all of it. If you’re a grouchy ass like myself, you’ll just find a bunch of pointless weirdness that relies way too much on base titillation to ever be truly meaningful in any real fashion. It feels a bit like Baby’s First Surrealist Film to me, and I’m sure it’s shocking if you’re a normal boring person who only watches Christmas movies about talking dogs finding their way home. I really do believe that Jodorowsky thought he was making something really deep and spiritual here, but it comes off as a drug trip as told to a sober person while you’re forgetting why it made so much sense in the first place.


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