Still (2010)

Still (2010)

Directed by: Poj Arnon, Catchai Katenut, Tanwarin Sukkhapisit

Starring: Mai Charoenpura, Akara Amarttayakul, Supakson Chaimongkol

Still (aka Die a Violent Death) is a Thai horror anthology film. That’s not something I’ve ever seen before, so that’s cool. Honestly, it was about as good as horror anthology films tend to get. There’s no Steven King or Rod Serling-caliber scripts in here, but each story is effective in the area it tries to be.

The first of the four stories is about a fire in a club on New Year’s Eve and it’s… kinda hard to understand. The second one is about a guy in prison who’s roommate kills himself and then gets haunted by the ghost of the dead guy. The third is a more or less shorter version of Dark Water, where people in an apartment building get haunted by water. The last one is a little more humorous, about two teens who hire a prostitute to lose their virginities, but end up at a creepy haunted hotel.

There are a few parts where it feels like there’s a cultural barrier between myself (as the whitest American male there possibly could be) and the film, but not as many as I’m used to in a Thai film. Of all the Asian cinema I’ve seen, Thai seems to have the most differences of that sort that make a film confusing. Honestly, I think a couple of these stories were just supposed to be confusing, especially that first one with the fire. It was funny to see one that turned out to be almost exactly Dark Water, and I actually really enjoyed the one about the prisoner. Overall, not a bad film. It’s not as goofy as Creepshow or something like that, but if you like moody horror it’s worth a watch.

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