Batman: Year One (2011)

Batman: Year One (2011)

Directed by: Sam Liu, Lauren Montgomery

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie, Eliza Dushku

Man, it is just downright weird not having Kevin Conroy do the voice of Batman. He’s been doing it almost exclusively for twenty years now, and I just completely associate his voice with the character. Not that this movie is really all that much about Batman, this is a Commissioner Gordon film (they did get Bryan Cranston to do his voice, after all, might as well play that up as much as possible).

A younger Lieutenant Jim Gordon moves to Gotham City and finds it not only overrun with crime, but policed by a corrupt law office. He tries to drum out those on the take from within the police, but he makes enemies with those remaining, as well as the commissioner who is clearly on the take. At the same time, a mysterious figure the papers call “Batman” starts doing his part to clean up crime on the streets and in the offices of the wealthy behind them. Gordon is supposed to capture Batman for his vigilantism, but when he helps save Gordon’s infant son, he decides to work with the Batman instead.

It’s a simple enough story that feels like it’s been told a lot, only with a weird crime drama aspect to it with Gordon being the main character. It almost tries for a film noir feel, but at the same time makes out Gordon to be a more badass action hero than Die Hard. There’s a part where he gives a crooked cop a baseball bat so he’ll “have a chance” and beats the crap out of him with his bare fists. What the hell kind of Commissioner Gordon is that? Also, I honestly don’t think that Cranston is a good fit for him. Maybe I’m just not ready for a hard and gritty Gordon and I’m out of date, who knows.

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