Paranoid Activity 2 (2011)

Paranoid Activity 2 (2011)

Directed by: Kevin Clark, Manzie Jones

Starring: Natasha Blasick, Andrew Bassano Brewer, Braxton Davis

That’s right, PARANOID activity, not to be confused with Paranormal Activity. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a Paranoid Activity 1 to cause this to be the second. Just imagine my surprise when I found out this wasn’t made by my favorite grandma-confusing production company The Asylum. I guess someone else had fifty bucks and a weekend and wanted to cash in on the same people who don’t read titles to movies closely enough.

Three people move into a model home and are haunted by a ghost who pulls all the dishes out of the cabinets and puts them on the floor occasionally. This scares the people half to death, so they… do nothing about it. At the climax, a man falls asleep in a bathtub.

NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE! Even worse, there’s no reason for it to exist within the framework of the film. It’s all supposed to be camcorder footage that a guy is taking (mostly of himself sleeping, for no reason), and yet it never once occurs to them to put the camera out to record what crazy things are going on in their kitchen. Nope, they’re more interested in pointing it at themselves and sitting around while telling each other that they’re scared. It really is a great example of everything I hate about movies shot in this style, except there isn’t a lot of shaky running around (because nobody ever moves that much).


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