The Room (2003)

The Room (2003)

Directed by: Tommy Wiseau

Starring: Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero

Some people say that The Room is the worst movie ever made. A lot of people say that about a lot of movies, and I’m not sure if any of them are really correct. What I am sure of is that this movie was made by incompetents and that it deserves every ounce of ridicule it gets.

A woman is unhappy about her impending marriage to her amazingly perfect boyfriend so she starts cheating on him with his best friend. The friend is alternately against it or extremely for the idea, and she never tells her boyfriend that she’s even the slightest bit unhappy about the situation until she leaves him for the other guy. In fit of throwing-everything-on-the-floor rage, the boyfriend shoots himself, which’ll definitely show them all!

Tommy Wiseau did everything for this movie, from acting to directing to writing to producing to probably providing the camcorder and apartment they used for filming. It’s safe to say that The Room is his masterpiece, and through that it’s pretty safe to say that the guy should have a court order keeping him away from ever making or possibly even seeing a movie again. Every little piece of this film, from the stilted, inhuman dialogue to the extreme misogyny to the actors clearly not having any idea how to act to the FIVE SEX SCENES… all of it adds up to a very sad look into Wiseau’s mind and how he clearly perceives a breakup he had. That being said, this movie is HILARIOUS when watched with friends, so you should go and do that.


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