Nymphs Anonymous (1968)

Nymphs Anonymous (1968)

Directed by: Manuel Conde

Starring: Natasha, Gordon, Loie Lane

If you’ve got stars with single names and they’re really generic at that, you know that you’ve found yourself a good ol’ fashioned softcore porn movie! Or is it more like a stag film? Those were never put into wide release, that’s the only difference, right? Whatever, the point is that this movie is about boobs and it is not very good even considering that.

The main plot of the movie is that there’s this service that hires men to go around and have sex with women that are horny (so long as their husbands are okay with it). Also, it may or may not be some sort of weird future where women are in control of the world, they kinda mention something along those lines a couple times but the whole thing is just so poorly written I can’t tell.

I know it’s always stupid of me to expect anything from porno in the way of acting, but GOOD GOD are the actresses in this movie awful. Some of them have trouble reading lines directly off of paper in front of them, which you can clearly see. You better have the suspension of disbelief of a giant king if you want any of this plot to make sense. Or I guess you could just watch it for your grandma’s boobs, if that’s your deal.


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