Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood (1994)

Directed by: Tim Burton

Starring: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker

This was the last good movie Tim Burton made at the end of a string of the films that got him famous, and one could even argue that it’s the last good movie he made at all (not counting Big Fish, which is a diamond in the middle of a huge garbage dump). Still, in either case, it’s a good Tim Burton movie.

Ed Wood is a fictionalized account of filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr., sometimes thought of as the worst filmmaker in history. He befriends an aging and drug-addicted Bela Lugosi and convinces the actor to be in Bride of the Monster, all while dealing with his personal life and being a transvestite. Bela dies and Wood is determined to use the last bit of footage of the man in a new film, one that will pay proper homage to his memory. Unfortunately, the film is Plan 9 From Outer Space.

This is a really funny movie, but I have a feeling that if you aren’t as well acquainted with Wood’s films as I was, you’ll be missing out on a lot here. So, is it worth it to watch Glen or GlendaBride of the Monster, and Plan 9 From Outer Space just for the proper context with which to watch this movie? I think so, but I saw those movies for no reason whatsoever anyway. I’ll just say that Johnny Depp is wonderful as the exuberant and untalented Ed Wood, but Martin Landau really steals the show as Bela Lugosi. Since the movie is mostly about the friendship between the two characters, it’s quite enjoyable.


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