What If… (2010)

What If… (2010)

Directed by: Dallas Jenkins

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, John Ratzenberger

Remember that movie The Family Man? Well WHAT IF… you made that movie exactly the same but put Kevin Sorbo in it and made it more overtly religious? It would be even worse, you say? WHAT IF… Cliffy from Cheers was an angel?! Now you’re into it, I knew it.

Kevin Sorbo is a successful businessman who is chosen by God to see what his life would’ve been like if he had never gone to the big city and had instead gotten married and became a preacher. The idiot doesn’t understand anything about what’s going on for the longest time, but he eventually learns the lesson that God wants him to be a preacher and not a rich successful guy, and he returns to his old life with a new perspective.

It really is EXACTLY the same as The Family Man, only the director (who managed to overcome his stripper name and make a movie) really wanted to make a movie about how great Christianity is. Kevin Sorbo is as awful as ever, but John Ratzenberger seems to be having fun with the role and when he’s around you at least have a reason to not go off and wash the dishes or something. Barely.


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