The Iron Fisted Monk (1977)

The Iron Fisted Monk (1977)

Directed by: Sammo Hung

Starring: Sammo Hung, Sing Chen, James Tien

If there’s one sure-fire way I can think of to brighten your day, it’s to watch a Sammo Hung kung fu movie. The fact that he also directed this movie (and it’s his first one, even) explains a lot about why the choreography is so damn good. Which it is. So good.

After a gang kills Sammo’s family, he joins the Shaolin temple so he can learn kung fu and defeat them. He gets impatient and leaves early, convincing his monk friend to come with him to stop the injustices performed by the Manchu gang.

It’s a pretty simple story, and it’s a common one for the kung fu genre. This movie is a little more severe than Sammo’s usual lighthearted comedy approach, though there is still a good amount of that in here. Be warned though: there’s a pretty explicit couple of rape scenes in here, which come out of nowhere and are kinda completely inappropriate to the tone of the rest of the film. I guess it’s just in case you didn’t realize that the bad guys were bad guys.


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