Ninja Terminator (1985)

Ninja Terminator (1985)

Directed by: Godfrey Ho

Starring: Richard Harrison, Jang Lee Hwang, Jonathan Wattis

Ever since I found out about him, I’ve wanted to watch more movies from “the Ed Wood of Hong Kong” Godfrey Ho. It was so worth it, too. Ninja Terminator is clearly an existing movie with some extra, very confusing footage added in to try and make it a different film and pad the thing out. This is just what the guy did, film one movie and turn it into three. Brilliant. And awful, just terrible.

A white guy in a camouflage ninja suit has part of an ancient golden idol and has to defend it from the evil ninjas out to get it. At the same time, his contact in a different movie is out to get the other pieces of it so he can put them all together and use it as a pass for the temple guardians or something, I don’t fucking know what the point of the thing was. This was a bad movie.

So yes, the plot made no sense and was stitched together, but if you just want to see some neat ninja action… then you will also be disappointed. There’s some decent choreography in the original movie bits, but the new stuff with camoninja is hilariously awful. Actually, the whole movie is pretty much hilariously awful. It’s a fun, bad movie.


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