Escape From Hell Island (1963)

Escape From Hell Island (1963)

Directed by: Mark Stevens

Starring: Mark Stevens, Jack Donner, Linda Gaye Scott

This movie takes forever to get going, and once it does finally get somewhere you just go, “oh. Is that what you actually planned to happen with this movie? That’s actually the thing you wanted to make this movie about. Wow.” Or maybe you don’t sarcastically talk to movies as if they were people. Maybe you’re weird like that.

The first hour of this film is slowly setting up a love triangle between a boat captain, a crazy guy, and a… uh… woman. I don’t think she has any specific character traits. Anyway, eventually the point is that the two guys are on a boat in the middle of the ocean and the crazy guy is keeping the captain in the water around the boat in a tense situation that is quickly diffused once the crazy guy lets his guard down and there never really was any big threat against the hero.

There was no island. No hell island at all. Is it SO MUCH TO ASK to get just a little bit of hell island in a movie named after it? Or even if they put an escape of some sort into the movie, that would’ve been appreciated. But no, the only part of the title that wasn’t a blatant lie is the From, and I’m not super convinced about that either.

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