Bratz: Genie Magic (2006)

Bratz: Genie Magic (2006)

Directed by: Mucci Fassett

Starring: Dionne Quan, Olivia Hack, Tia Mowry

My friend and I watched another Bratz CGI movie a while ago, and it made it to our list of the worst movies ever, so OF COURSE we had to watch more of them. Because we’re… I don’t even know what we are. We aren’t 9 year old girls, the target market for this movie, I can tell you that much.

A bunch of identical-but-hue-switched friends that may or may not be a band or some sort of dance troupe meet a teenage genie. A teenagenie. Teenie? Geeteeneme. Anyway, the girl genie is on the run from her adoptive dad who works for the government, and she wants to have friends and go shopping and stuff. The downside is, anytime anyone around her says the word “wish”, that wish comes true! How wacky!

Okay, so I’ll give the otherwise terrible piece of shit that is this movie one thing: Having a genie that compulsory grants wishes if it can hear them is a unique idea. Not even Rod Serling would be so mean as to have something like that exist. What if someone just walked by her and yelled “I WISH THE SUN WOULD EXPLODE!” and then she would do it, and that’s the end of all life on earth, human and djinni alike. It’s horrifying in my world.


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