Official Basic Instinct Parody (2011)

Official Basic Instinct Parody (2011)

Directed by: Gary Dean Orona

Starring: Breanne Benson, Frank News, Ryan McLane

I’ve probably said this about one of these before, but I really doubt there’s anything “official” about these movies. And I know for a fact that there’s no “parody” aspect to it. Doing the same thing only worse and with sex is not a parody except by the most strict legal definition, I suppose.

A rock star dies during sex and a detective has to figure out who did it. He never does. Instead he gets distracted by the prime suspect and uses her to get over his sex addiction.

Why do they choose the movies they do for porn parodies? I always assumed it was because someone wanted to see certain characters from those films having sex, but that couldn’t possibly be the reason behind this one. You see everything Basic Instinct! And it’s not like the original film has been all that popular in the last couple years, at least not to my knowledge. The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense (and is very bad).


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