Never Say Never Again (1983)

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Directed by: Irvin Kershner

Starring: Sean Connery, Kim Basinger, Klaus Maria

This is one of the Bond movies I’d never seen, because it’s not in the “official” canon. The short version of the story is that it’s a remake of Thunderball done by a different company than usual. Because of that, they don’t release it with big packs of movies and even do their best to keep it suppressed. Turned out to actually be pretty good, though.

An older James Bond has been dealing with differences in the way MI6 operates. For one, they don’t use the 00’s as much anymore, and Bond has been relegated to an instructor. When Largo, a SPECTRE agent, steals two nuclear weapons, Bond has to go back into action and stop them before they start a war or destroy the world or whatever other wacky thing those bad guys are up to.

They got Connery to come back for this film, and even though he’s in his 50’s, he still does a fantastic job as Bond. Seriously, it’s surprising how well he does. Really the only thing that’s hard to believe is that there are all these young women still fawning over Bond (and there are more than in a usual Bond film) when he’s balding and pudgy. Besides Connery, they went all out on casting, getting Kim Basinger at the peak of her career and Max Von Sydow in a small role as Blofeld. Also, they got Irvin Kershner to direct right off the heels of doing Empire Strikes Back, and surprise surprise, the movie looks beautiful. I recommend this lesser-known Bond flick if you haven’t seen it (and you probably haven’t).

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