Babylon 5: In The Beginning (1998)

Babylon 5: In The Beginning (1998)

Directed by: Michael Vejar

Starring: Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Andreas Katsulas

This is one of a handful of Babylon 5 TV movies they made after the show moved to TNT and became… well, bad. Of all of those, In the Beginning is really the only good one, and all it really is is a collection of scenes that were alluded to during the series in one nice big lump. That being said, as far as judging it based on its own merits, I am in no way capable of telling, but I’d guess it doesn’t work all that well.

The Earth Alliance, fresh off their victory against the aggressive Dilgar race, starts looking for new aliens to boss around. They come across the mysterious and ancient Minbari, who have bones on their heads and also significantly outclass Earth’s forces. After a misunderstanding causes a war, the Minbari go mad, destroying almost all of Earth’s fleets and nearly destroying the planet itself. They finally surrender at the final battle at Earth itself, for mysterious reasons.

Like I said, this is basically just a backstory for Babylon 5. Also, you can’t really watch it before watching the series because it gives away the mystery that’s the backbone of the entire first season, so it’s pretty much only good for hardcore B5 fans. If you haven’t seen Babylon 5, then I recommend it, as I personally think it’s one of the best written TV shows out there. The graphics don’t age well (cheap CGI from the 90’s… ew) and the acting is pretty awful at points, but the writing is good!


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