Life With Mikey (1993)

Life With Mikey (1993)

Directed by: James Lapine

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christina Vidal, Nathan Lane

Michael J. Fox sure did a lot of family comedies, didn’t he? Now that I think about it, did he ever do anything EXCEPT family comedies? Was it because he was short and was therefore easier to keep in the same frame with the child actors? All signs point to “obviously that is the reason, what other reason could there be?”

Fox is an ex-child star who now runs a struggling child talent agency with his brother, Nathan Lane. When he gets pickpocketed by a young girl, he recognizes her innate talent for lying (aka acting) and takes her in as his new big star whom he hopes will save his company. However, she also comes to live with him, and helps him learn to not be so cynical and to stop smoking while he eats expired milk and what have you.

It’s a pretty by-the-numbers family comedy, where children are the greatest and the solution to all the awful “adult” things that people do when they don’t live with children. You know, like drugs and alcohol and sex and anything else that’s fun and self-destructive. Thank god we have kids to ruin all that.


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