Cry Wolf (2008)

Cry Wolf (2008)

Directed by: Paul Thomas

Starring: Monique Alexander, Steven St. Croix, Mr. Marcus

This was pretty strangely constructed for a porn movie. Unlike most modern porn, they would switch back and forth between short sex scenes and longer dramatic scenes, with the sex almost exclusively in flashbacks. It’s almost more of a 70’s porn structure, I just didn’t think anybody would think of doing that anymore.

The plot was a little confusing, but here’s what I think it was: This girl has sex with a rich guy so she can say that he raped her and she and her boyfriend (who is the guy’s best friend) can blackmail him and get a bunch of money. It’s possible that she was ACTUALLY raped also, or that the boyfriend/best friend wasn’t involved, it’s pretty nebulous and the characters’ emotions/motivations seem to change from scene to scene.

The movie poster advertises that this movie is a “big budget film”, and I don’t know if that’s the name of the production company or if they just thought it was important to tell people that they spent a lot of money on it. But it is, for a porn anyway. There’s some nice cinematography and lighting, and it doesn’t look like it was all filmed on a basement soundstage like most porno. Doesn’t really make it any better as a film, of course.


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