Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam (1986)

Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam (1986)

Directed by: John R. Cherry III

Starring: Jim Varney, Glenn Petach, Myke R. Mueller

Okay, so there was ONE more Ernest movie… kinda. Dr. Otto is from the same hilarious comedic team of Jim Varney and John Cherry that made all the other Ernest movies, but this was before they settled on Ernest being their go-to character. Instead, they made a thing where Varney can do lots of characters, all of which are terrible in their own special ways.

A supervillain named Dr. Otto, who was born with a hand on his head, has created a ray gun that devalues worldwide currency by making ATMs and cash registers break. Unfortunately for Otto, his arch-nemesis, a dumb but brilliant patriotic guy named Lance, is on his trail because of a riddle that specifically details what is going to happen in the movie. Otto uses a magic coffin to transform himself into different people for some reason, and fails to kill Lance until he’s eventually beaten. Well, kinda. I mean, the world is still in a post-apocalyptic state and Ernest is actually Otto is disguise, but… whatever.

This movie was even worse than Ernest Goes to Camp, and if you’ll recall, I classified that film as a war crime. By some bizarre twist of fate, the other characters that Varney does in this film are even more annoying than Ernest. You can tell he’s a good impressionist, because nobody else would be able to come up with an Australian military guy who doesn’t know how to say the next-to-last word from each sentence? Nobody in their right mind would ever think something like that was funny. Ugh, fuck you, everyone involved in making this shit.


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