Children of the Night (1985)

Children of the Night (1985)

Directed by: Robert Markowitz

Starring: Kathleen Quinlan, Nicholas Campbell, Mario Van Peebles

Before you ask anything, this movie is NOT about vampires. NO VAMPIRES. This is supposedly based on a true story, and it’s about a grad student starting a charity organization for helping prostitutes. The children of the title refers to the idea that all prostitutes are 16 years old and don’t know what they’re doing, I guess.

A woman is ridiculed that she would want to write a doctoral thesis about prostitutes, because apparently anything about them is talking about how great sex for pay would be. She takes a young hooker into her home to try and rehabilitate her, but this just distances her from her boyfriend who thinks that she is now a prostitute as well. When the girl’s pimp starts coming around and threatening her, it seems like she just can’t get a break. And then in the last five minutes everything resolves perfectly and there are no more problems or prostitution ever again.

This movie is so ridiculously out of proportion with everything that it actually falls into a nice little niche of the types of movie where they have to make their characters outraged at things that would otherwise be completely boring. Everybody overreacts to everything in this movie, and it’s definitely not helped by the fact that it’s clearly a made-for-TV movie, so they’ve got a bunch of soap opera actors trying to make it big by crying on-screen.


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